Everything that has to do with Measurement Equivalents... A breakdown of Measurements in all types of cooking. Example: Ounces to Grams or tbsp to oz. to mi and so on.. This is a fantastic sheet to have if you get confused by all the differnt types of measurements.

THESE FILES ARE PDF FILES. Just click on the title you are looking  to download and a PDF file will appear. Right Click on the image of the file and Save to your system.

 Fact Sheets

Once your done with your EGG FAST you will need to Transition back to your regular KETO DIET. These little rules should help you to transition back.

  DR. BERG is a Dr that talks about Keto and Keto related problems on Youtube. I suggest you go check him out when you get a moment. but in the mean time here are a couple of his FACT SHEETS to help introduce him to you 

This chart goes over the amount in grams (g) and ounces (oz) when dealing with Lettuce, as Lettuce, Shredded, Chopped. 

Much more to come, so check back often for more FACT PAGES and UPDATES.

Thanks Wendy

this is the basic KETO FOOD LIST that I follow. If you stay within this comprehensive list you should be okay, but as we know, everyone's system is different. 

 Neisha Berry -- BACON MAYO RECIPE

If you try this one out, get back to me and let me know how it turned out for you. 

If you've been watching my VLOG you know that from time to time I do the Egg Fast Diet to help jump start my Weight Loss.. Here is the rules I follow. 

My Husband Harry likes doing the BEEF FAST over the EGG FAST because he feels that he gets more food that way. Maybe so, but protein

is protein